Concurrent and Distributed Devices

This is a final year module on the BSc in Software Development.



Teaching & Learning Strategies:

Learners will be expected to activity participate in class on the materials covered and work throughout each scheduled lab session to accomplish assigned tasks.

Module Aim:

To provide learners with a theoretical knowledge and practical skills of developing concurrent and distributed systems, with particular emphases on the Internet of Things.

Learning Outcomes

LO1Assess the different approaches to developing concurrent and distributed systems.
LO2Design, develop and test concurrent and distributed systems.
LO3Demonstrate the principles of design and development of Internet of Things systems and applications.
LO4Evaluate proposed concurrent and distributed architectural designs.
Indicative Content
Architecture Flynn’s Taxonomy, Multicore, Manycore and Stream Processors
Concurrency Shared Memory Model, Message Passing Model,
Software Transactional Memory and Actors
Distribution Replication, Fault Tolerance, Load Balancing and Scalability
Internet of Things Architecture, Software and middleware platforms, Interfaces,
Communication and Cooperation, Security, Sensing,
Embedded Devices, Testing and Standardisation
Business Models IoT Governance, Societal and Ethical Implications
Assessment Breakdown%
Continuous Assessment30.00%
End of Module Formal Examination40.00%

Module Resources

Recommended Book Resources
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Jan Holler, Vlasios Tsiatsis, Catherine Mulligan, Stephan Avesand, Stamatis Karnouskos, David Boyle 2014, From Machine-to-Machine to the Internet of Things: Introduction to a New Age of Intelligence, Academic Press [ISBN: 9780080994017]
Supplementary Book Resources
P. Butcher 2014, Seven Concurrency Models in Seven Weeks, Pragmatic Bookshelf
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